Exclusive Panel Repairs

Led TV Repair

  1. Panel or Backlights Changing
  2. Main Board or Power Board Repair
  3. Installation and Demo


PCB Repair at low costs.

LCD TV Repair

  1. Open cell repair
  2. Back light replacement
  3. PCB Repairs


Board Level Repairs.


  1. C-TV Kit repair
  2. Upgradation of old kit to New remote kit
  3. Tube changing and LOT charging

LED TV Service Center in Hyderabad - eServe

eServe having vast network to support multiple brands LED TV 's. Every cornner we reach in hyderabad, where customer need home service . where he can see his problem. no need to carry LED tv to any service center now , eServe will reach you and will serve you at your doorstep.

Smart Television Services

The eServe Led tv repair services in all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for over 10 years. Our service team will ensure your TV end to end services We will Serve same day panelrepair service in Hyderabad&Secunderabad. We repair all types of LED,LCD and CTV.

Our low cost services will make customers happy:

  • PCB level repair to reduce service cost
  • Replacing Blackights instead of new panel
  • Installation of all sizes with high qualified team.
  • Frequestly Received Common Problems in LED televisions

    Blank Display?

  • check points :- It is with the problem of power supply board in LED/LCD or CTV. It may be repaired with fully skilled technician, If it is in non repairable simly you have to ask technician or service engineer to replace with new one.
  • why my LED TV has Horizontal & vertical lines?

  • check points :-IIt is due to damage cell of led tvs TFT. sometimes it may be repaired if the lines or less.Only fully skilled manpower with high quality equipment service centers only can do this.
  • why my LED TV has no sound ?

  • check points :It may be faulty speakers.Main Control unit (PCB) problem. Check sounds settings. Settop box red and yellow cables are connected properly or not. Check set top box sound modes.

    why my LED TV is not connecting with WiFi?

  • check points :- Check wifi connections in LED tv Settings. If any IP address config missing or not detecting.
  • Products We Serve

    Geysers (10L)

    Rs350.00 Rs450.00

    Washing Machine

    Rs350.00 Rs450.00

    Smart Phone

    Rs300.00 Rs650.00

    Microwave Oven (Grill)

    Rs350.00 Rs450.00

    Room Cooler (With Remote)

    Rs250.00 Rs450.00

    Refregerator (Single Door)

    Rs450.00 Rs600.00

    Led Tv (4k)

    Rs350.00 Rs550.00

    Washing Machine(Front Load)

    Rs350.00 Rs450.00

    Gas Geyser

    Rs350.00 Rs450.00

    Smart Phone

    Rs300.00 Rs650.00


    Rs350.00 Rs450.00

    IPads (all Brands)

    Rs450.00 Rs650.00