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Exclusive services for your Premiem Mobile.

Premiem Mobiles

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Every smart citizen smart choice need to be close on priority.

Smart Phones

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Mobile industry now drastycally growing.People are looking for low cost smart phones with maximum android features in their mobiles.People also look for product slimness and screen sizes.Most of the people are keep watching movies and playing audios they are looikng for exclusive battery backup. Nowadays several youth are spending their time into entertaitment apps. Boys every time in the search of games they want biggerscreen and faster responsive touch screens. Hence the usage of smart phones and Tablet PC's repairs of that also drastically grown for the above reasons. eServe is always ready to serve you in a better way . we do all types of smart phones ,Premiem phones and Tablet pcs repair. Even we serve you at your doorstep.

Frequestly Received Common Problems of Mobile Phones

why my mobile phone is slow?

  • check point :- Due to Random-Access Memory (RAM) is full of apps and files that you do not use or need then your phone responds slowly.Remove unwanted apps and cache which is eating space and speed.If still you want the data you cann save it to google Drive or Drop box you can use instantly later on.By removing all unwanted applications still it is running slow simply reset your mobile by clicking factory reset.
  • why i am not getting more battery life?

  • check point :- There are several reasons which can cause bad battery life.In this case you must backup regularly your device, Any time you may lose usage of mobile.Use this points it may help you .Dim your screen , use dark theme for uasge of all apps and screens. If you are not using GPS ,turn it off.Switch on Battery saver. Switch off if you are not using mobile or wifi data.
  • why my mobile phone Overheating ?

  • check points :It may be the defective of battery,It is also depended with the mobile charger.If same problem insisting it may damage screen or phone badly.
  • why my samrt phone is hanging repeatedly?

  • check points :- May be it is with full of applications and full of memory.Battery problem also may be we suspect. remove unwanted applications and data. if the data is important upload it to google Drive or Drop Box.
  • what should i do with while my cell phone in wet condition?

  • check point :- Best solution is that dont switch on your mobile in any circumistances.Even dont put in charging. carry it to a service centre, they will open the set and get it dried with good repair methodes.
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