How often should I have my Air Conditioner maintained?

Domestic units that are not in constant use and are used for cooling only generally require two preventive maintance services per year. Units that are in offices should be maintained at least three preventive maintance serivices per year to keep them running at their optimum level. For areas with high levels of pollution or contaminants in the air such as kitchens, hairdressers or workshops, additional service visits are carried out to keep your aair conditioner healthy.

Why should I service my air conditioner?

Regular servicing and maintenance keep your Air Conditioner running at maximum efficiency, significantly extends the lifetime of a AC unit and reduces operating costs. In addition, routine maintenance will ensure that the Air Conditioner qualifies for the full warranty of up to ten years(Only Compressor) rather than just the standard manufacturer’s one year warranty.

Why is my air conditioner leaking?

There are various reasons why your Air Conditioner is leaking water. The condensate that is produced in the coils on the indoor part of your AC should fall into a drip tray which is either drained away by gravity or pumped outside. If excess water is finding its way down your wall then it’s more than safe to assume that much or all of the condensate is not being drained away. Sometimes the drain hole might clog up with dirt or Waste particles, so the water obviously finds the easiest route to drain away which can’t be anything other than down your wall! However, if the condensate is being drained away with help from a pump, then there is every probability that the pump may have failed and this will obviously need replacing quickly. So often we find that the coils in the Air Conditioner have been so caked up with dirt that it has ended up blocking the unit drainage system. A leak can be caused by something as simple as a dislodged drainage pipe, making the water drain upwards, which, of course, eventually flows back into the AC Unit and down your wall. In this case, it’s a simple matter of correcting the angle of the drainage pipe. Finally, and in more serious cases, should the Air Conditioner have leaked a large quantity of refrigerant, this will cause the coils on the indoor unit to “ice up” which will also result in leakage when the ice melts. If you do see ice on the coils, it is vital to switch the unit off immediately and call eserve to repair.

How can I improve the cooling performance of my air cooler?

1.You can add ice to the ice compartment for boost cooling 2.Keep windows or doors open for cross-ventilation to reduce humidity levels 3.Keep the air vent free from any obstructions 4.Make sure the air tank is filled with fresh, clean water 5.Circulate the water first so that the filter is saturated before turning the fan up high

Why is the evaporative air cooler not lowering the temperature like I expect?

First check to make sure the water tank is full, the water indicator located on the side of the unit should be in the full position. Look at the controls and ensure the unit cooling mode is turned on. On first use turn on the water pump (cooling mode) with no or low air flow to ensure the honeycomb pads are fully saturated before turning the fan on. Evaporative cooling performance is humidity sensitive, the higher the humidity of the air being cooled the less the cooler will be able to lower the temperature. If the unit is not cooling properly check the humidity of the air being drawn into the unit, it should be below 50%rH ideally. If it isn’t then ensure you have adequate ventilation in the room so that the excess humidity can evacuate the room.
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